Topos - a theme or motif; or, shorthand for topographical lines

Brian is a Colorado native who fell in love with the mountain landscape at an early age. Many of his formative years were spent in Texas, where Brian was exposed to vernacular modernism - simple, thoughtful design that works with both the site's physical setting and its cultural context. During his final year of architecture school, Brian focused on shelters for extreme environments where any man-built structure has to often-times deploy or be mobile, and any design must always be refined to its most efficient and effective form. The result of this, when successful is a final product that is elemental. Simply put, stripping everything down makes the pieces that remain more meaningful. From this, Brian developed a fascination with design maximization, and became convinced that through good design, architecture can be very powerful, sometimes more so with less. 

Topos Homes continues this theme, bringing the level of refinement necessary in a smaller space to projects of all size.